The Surgical Enterprise

Experiences. Outcomes.

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A shift towards a patient-first experience

Surgery has always been measured largely by one metric: the outcome. With the rapid shift driven by market and regulatory trends, the emphasis for hospitals and clinics must be not only on measuring patient outcomes but how we can dramatically improve them the entire human experience of being a patient.

The patient experience is formed by everyone who comes into contact with the patient along the health care journey, from the front-desk to the nurses and doctors who provide direct care. 

All environments, points of contact and interactions, whether physical or virtual, impact this experience and therefore the outcome. For the patient and the hospital.

Lessons from other industries

Over the last twenty years, it has been shown over and over again that the best performing companies have designed their processes around the customer experience and rely on best-practice management and measurement systems to continuously improve this experience.

By prioritizing the patient experience 

MV Santé created a new concept


A methodology to ensure the best clinical path for the patient – before, during and after surgery.

A shift of mindset

By focusing on the patient’s experience, minimal invasive surgery and adapted anaesthesia, we ensure enhanced quality of care and rapid rehabilitation.

MV SANTE’s methodology uses a proprietary digital platform, e-chir. This has been built using 15 years of experience in managing our own surgical enterprises. E-chir allows all actors in the surgical pathway, to manage, coordinate and measure the procedures and resources around the patient.

The results – measurable patient outcomes with significant efficiencies realised in the operating block.

Surgical enterprise
  • One team of different resources working together on the patients journey.
  • Management and measurement of the entire journey – from the day the patient knows they need surgery to the days, weeks and months after its completion.
  • Treated as a customer-centric enterprise with experience indicators and operational reporting.
Operating block
  • Separate groups of resources driven by tasks for the patient.
  • Management of surgery.
  • Treated as an overhead and cost-center.

We believe it is a thorough, ongoing, cross-organisational focus on the patient experience that drives efficiency.

not vice versa

We’ve developed an integrated platform to power the Surgical Enterprise

In order to successfully implement the concept of the surgical enterprise, MV Santé developed its own tool, the e-chir platform, that measures, analyzes and optimizes the patient’s journey.

e-chir measures what matters

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